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Here’s a short video of who we are and what we’re about.

Our Recruitment Chairman

Hi, I’m Arvin Huang, Recruitment Chairman of Delta Phi.
On behalf of our executive officers and the rest of the chapter, welcome to Delta Phi.

Pi Chapter’s hallmarks are its engaged and enthusiastic undergraduate brotherhood, its one-of-a-kind home, and its strong and supportive alumni base. We had a terrific first year back on campus in 2022-2023, and are having an even better second year. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our chapter, please contact me at [email protected] or send us your information using the form on our Contact page.


Our Executive Officers

The following are the Executive Officers who lead our chapter.


Rohit Dsouza '25
Carlisle, MA


Israel Davidson '25
Vice President
Lindenhurst, NY


Liam Du '25 
Richmond, VA


Gavin McCarthy ’26
Norfolk, MA


Who We're Looking For

We’re interested in men who like the challenge of creating something new, while continuing the best parts of the proud legacy that came before. Men who value diversity and crave solidarity. Men who seek something deeper than the dumbed-down depictions of fraternity life they see in popular culture.

There’s no one “type” at Delta Phi. Some are drawn to the chapter because they have leadership experience or want to develop it. Others are achievers who take pride in being well-rounded. Some are enthusiastically social and energized by the thought of working and playing in a community of close friends whose life experiences and perspectives are different than their own. Others are serious about academics but want the additional learning you can only get outside the classroom. The common thread among us is the friendships, values, and traditions that bind us together.

What We Offer

The opportunity to make your own mark, helping to lead the growth of a more than 130-year old chapter with an historically strong presence on campus.

A chapter culture that creates lifelong friendships at a depth not otherwise available in the ordinary course of college life.

The experience of living in one of the most beautiful residential houses not just at Cornell, but in the United States.

A well-run chapter corporation that is one of the few fraternities at Cornell that actually owns its home: self-sufficient, independent, and ready for the future.

Scholarships for undergrads who meet relevant criteria.

Opportunities to learn leadership, strategic planning, budgeting, and people skills you’ll take with you after you graduate.

The backing of an active, engaged, and loyal alumni base that offers mentorship and career networking.


John Horvatis B.S. ’99
President, Cornell Delta Phi Association

From Our Alumni

Dear Prospective Members,

On behalf of the entire Cornell Delta Phi Association, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to each of you as you embark on the exciting journey of Rush. It is with great enthusiasm that we open our doors to individuals seeking not only a fraternity, but a lifelong brotherhood built on values, excellence, and shared experiences.

Founded in 1891 as the Pi Chapter at Cornell University, Delta Phi holds a rich history of tradition, leadership, and community. For over a century, we have been dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals can grow, learn, and form lasting connections that extend far beyond their college years.

As you explore the opportunities that Greek life presents, we invite you to discover what sets Delta Phi apart. Our fraternity is built on principles of academic achievement, community service, leadership development, and, most importantly, brotherhood. We believe in supporting each other's aspirations, and we work together to help our members succeed in life.

Throughout Rush, you will have the chance to meet our current members, learn about our values, and experience the unique culture that defines Delta Phi. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and allow yourself to envision the incredible journey that awaits you within our fraternity.

We encourage you to participate in our events, and to visit Llenroc, our esteemed chapter house. This is not just an opportunity to join a fraternity; it's an invitation to become part of a family that will support and uplift you throughout your college experience and beyond.

Remember, the essence of Delta Phi lies not only in its history but in the collective spirit of its members. We are excited to get to know each of you, to share our stories, and to build new chapters together.

Welcome to Delta Phi. We look forward to the prospect of having you as a part of our extraordinary brotherhood.

John Horvatis B.S. ’99

President, Cornell Delta Phi Association

Delta Phi Fraternity

Pi Chapter


100 Cornell Avenue

Ithaca, NY 14851