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Student Housing

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Constructed in 1875, the beautiful Llenroc mansion was the home of Ezra Cornell and is the last remaining building associated with his personal life. Cornell opened a quarry near campus to acquire limestone for the construction of the house. This limestone was referred to colloquially as "Llenroc" after the name of the quarry's owner, and the house would eventually share the same nickname.

Llenroc was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1980, largely due to its idiosyncratic Gothic-revival style and architectural splendor. Glass chandeliers, fireplaces, and ornate carvings decorate the interior of our house, harkening back to Ezra's instructions during Llenroc's construction. Llenroc's magnificence is not limited to its interior. With over two acres of grounds, Llenroc’s residents enjoy an expansive backyard offering majestic views of Cayuga Lake and the surrounding Ithaca area.

Llenroc is open to Cornell students as a place to call home during the academic year. Interested students should feel free to stop by for a visit or inquire about leasing information.

Rate TypeRoomBoardTotal
Resident Tenant: Super Single$11,046$5,100$16,146
Resident Tenant: Single$10,360$5,100$15,460
Resident Tenant: Double$9,152$5,100$14,252
Resident Tenant: Triple$8,418$5,100$13,518
Nonresident Tenant (3 meals/week)$0$2,500$2,500

Fees billed on a semesterly basis, with the first half of the fees due July 31, 2020, and the second half due December 31, 2020.

Resident Tenant: includes room, use of common areas, social program, and full board.
security deposit: $1000 (due upon lease signing)

Nonresident Tenant: includes use of common areas, social program, and 3 meals per week.
security deposit: $350 (due upon lease signing)

Floor Plan and Room Capacity

floor plan

Individual room occupancy might differ from what is shown in the floor plans above and might include associated rate adjustments. Maximum residential occupancy for Llenroc is 26.

Landlord representative:
Luis Urrunaga