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Llenroc is located just a few minutes walk from West Campus, at 100 Cornell Avenue. The mansion underwent significant renovations during the 2021–2022 academic year and is now housing Cornell students.

Rate TypeCost
Resident Tenant: Super Single$8,500
Resident Tenant: Single$7,600
Resident Tenant: Double$6,650
Resident Tenant: Triple$6,100
Nonresident Tenant$1,200
Parking Space:$600

All utilities, including high-speed wi-fi and laundry machines, are included. Two bathrooms and a commercial kitchen are shared among tenants.

The academic-year lease follows the Cornell dorm schedule. Fees are billed on a semesterly basis, with the first half of the fees due July 31, and the second half due December 31.

Resident Tenant: includes room and use of common areas.
security deposit: $1,000 (due upon lease signing)

Nonresident Tenant: includes use of common areas for agreed-upon social events only.
security deposit: $500 (due upon lease signing)

Floor Plan and Room Capacity

Individual room occupancy might differ from what is shown in the floor plans below and might include associated rate adjustments. Maximum residential occupancy for Llenroc is 26.

floor plan

floor plan