Reunion Fund

The Reunion Fund is a class-based fundraising initiative to support renovations of Llenroc’s non-historic areas, such as the kitchen, basement, and bathrooms. The Cornell Delta Phi Association needs your support to complete these renovations, because they cannot be paid for by The Llenroc Foundation.

Only a select few Cornellians are privileged enough to call Ezra Cornell’s mansion their home. As undergraduates, we reaped tremendous rewards from this honor, and as part of this legacy, it is our duty as alumni to ensure the safe habitability and enduring stewardship of our beloved home. Please help us fulfill that duty by making a donation to the Reunion Fund.

With your support and encouragement, we can maintain Llenroc as the lifeblood of our fraternity and keep strong the bonds of brotherhood for years to come. We hope you can make a donation to the Reunion Fund and join us for Reunion the first weekend of June.

Check out our photos from previous years!